Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Why Industry-academia Collaboration Now? (Overview)
– From 20 Years of Starting a University- launched Venture and 5 Years of Support at Osaka University –

Motofumi SOGO
Osaka University, Graduate School of Dentistry
Center for Innovative Dentistry, Osaka, Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2023; 21(2): 41-46.

The era of the "dependence on the central government" is over, and national universities have entered an era in which they aim for self-sufficiency. Under such circum-stances, the first thing that academics should aim for is "patent royalties". However, Japanese academics are still not familiar with "patents". This article provides a short overview of 3 points regarding "patents.", which are (1) the 5 conditions for a patent to be granted, (2) a patent issued by the university alone (single application), and (3) the time schedule before and after the patent application.

Key words: Industry-academia Collaboration, University-launched Venture, Patent

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