Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering

Effect of Dental Hypersensitivity Control Materials Based on Calcium Carbonate on Dentin Tube Sealing Properties

Tomoharu OKAMURA1, Harumi ISONO1, Katsuhiro SUZUKI1, Yukino HISANO1, Takehiro YOSHIKANE1,
Masumi MORI2, Jinhao CUI1, Chihoko IKEDA1, Hayato OKA3, Junichi FUJITA3,
Tetsunari NISHIKAWA4, Naoyuki MATSUMOTO2, and Kazuya TOMINAGA1

1 Department of Oral Pathology, 2 Department of Orthodontics
3 Department of English, 4 Center of Innovation in Dental Education,
Osaka Dental University School of Dentistry, Osaka Japan

J Oral Tissue Engin 2023; 21(1): 1-6.

Materials that inhibit dentin hypersensitivity include those that seal dentin tubules. The dentin tubule sealing properties of the materials should be strong and biocompatible. The newly developed dentin hypersensitivity suppressing material is a biomaterial that satisfies both of these properties. The main ingredient is cal-cium carbonate, which has applications in antacids (pharmaceuticals), bone replacement materials (medical devices), and food additives. In this study, we investigated some of the effects on dentin tubule sealing properties received from brushing and ultrasonic cleaning after dentin tubules were sealed by reacting the newly developed calcium carbonate with a phosphoric acid solution.

Key words: calcium carbonate, nano size biomaterial, dentin hypersensitivity, sealing performance