Journal of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry
J Jpn Assoc Regenerative Dent Vol.7(1) pp.18-24
ISSN 1348-9615


Continuous Measurement of Cell Proliferation and Calcification using Scintillator-incorporated Culture Plates

Hideki MAKIMURA, Nobuyuki KIKUCHI, Chikako NISHITANI, Chikako SOMEI, Tetsuro KONO, Koh KIMURA, Shuichi MURAKAMI, Fumio NAGAHAMA, Moriyasu WADA
Department of Renascent Dentistry, School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Nihon University

Surgeons hope to avert disfigured scar formation of incision line after surgery from the aspect of esthetics. Flap designs in periapical surgery were clinically evaluated in relation to postoperative disfigured scar formation. Fifty nine systemically healthy patients who need endodontic periapical surgery were operated by means of two types of flap designs, i.e., semilunar and Luebke-Ochsenbein, followed by the continuous locking suture technique using Oval-M® (6-0, polypropylene). Postoperative scarring at two weeks or one month was observed. The Luebke-Ochsenbein flap design showed less scar formation than semilunar flap during experiment period showing particularly unnoticeable scar formation at one month postoperatively. The results indicated the Luebke-Ochsenbein method was recommended ideal flap design without disfigured postoperative scar formation followed by continuous locking suture technique using Oval-M®.

Keyword: periapical surgery, incision, scar formation