Journal of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry
J Jpn Assoc Regenerative Dent Vol.6(1) pp.9-20
ISSN 1348-9615


Development of TERUDERMIS, collagen-based artificial dermis and TERUPLUG, collagen-based material for extraction sockets

Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp.

TERUDERMIS and TERUPLUG are available in Japan since 1993 and 1998. TERUDERMIS consists of collagen layer and silicone membrane, and applied to mucosal and dermal defects due to palatoplasty or burns, tissue defect after trauma and excisional defects of tumor and ulcer to promote of wound healing. The collagen layer is made of fibrillar and heat-denatured atelocollagen to minimize antigenisity. It has been cross-linked by heat treatment in order to achieve biocompatibility. Fibrillar atelocollagen is scaffolding for surrounding cells and heat-denatured atelocollagen stimulates infiltration of the cells in the product. The silicone membrane prevents infection and controls moisture flux like exudates. TERUPLUG consists of fibrillar and heat-denatured atelocollagen as the collagen layer of TERUDERMIS, and applied to extraction wounds of tooth to promote of wound healing. These products are useful to space maintaining and tissue reconstruction.

Keyword: atelocollagen, wound healing, scaffold, space maintaining, tissue reconstruction