From the President

Greetings from the new president
Sadami Tsutsumi, Dr.Eng.
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
Visiting Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Special-appointment Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

1. Towards a new development of the Association
The association was established first as the Japanese Study Group of Regenerative Dental Medicine in June, 2002, and then in the following year was reorganized and renamed as the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry. Since then, we have achieved a favorable development under the leadership of Professor Masahiro Yoshiyama at Okayama University; however, owing to his poor physical condition in late years we held an extraordinary general meeting on July 18 in .2016 to elect the new members of the executive board, president and vice president. Since I was appointed as the new president from the acting president, I would like to make an inauguration address asking all the members for support and cooperation.
Regenerative medicine is a study to regenerate and reconstruct the functions and structures of damaged organs and tissues leading to the healing in the normal state. With the progress of biomaterials science, tissue engineering and biotechnology, a lot of remarkable research achievements have been produced by the diligent studies of our Association members. In a wide variety of the field of regenerative medicine, especially in the dental medical field the high level arts of reconstructive treatment technologies on the bases of prosthodontics, operative dentistry, oral surgery and others have been conventionally developed well, therefore for instance, the periodontal tissue regenerative treatments have been approved and practiced ahead of treatments in other medical fields.
In order to meet of the patient's expectation from the basic researches to the practical treatments, our association at the nearest position has a mission to develop the regenerative dentistry more increasingly and extensively. Prof. Yoshiyama, Former President, declared that gThe Association has to progress and develop our regenerative dental medicine and thereby to contribute to the improvement of health promotion and welfare of the humankind". We shall take over this route of the Association. Also towards the outside of the Association we shall publicize our research achievements to hold lectures open to the public and hear the demands to us. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere wishes to all the members for your further efforts and cooperation for the Association...

2. Research objectives of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry
Our activities should aim such targets as follows;
(1) Development of unique dental regenerative techniques,
(2) development of new materials, instruments and devices for regenerative medicine,
(3) development of in vitro oral tissue model for regeneration,
(4) development of applied technology to the regenerative dental practice,
(5) elucidation of the systemic effects of oral tissue regeneration,
(6) elucidation of the genetic influence of oral tissues,
(7) elucidation of the effects on the regeneration of the oral nervous system and blood vessels,
(8) clarification of the effects relating to the regeneration of the oral organs,
(9) development of simulation models for the regenerative medicine,
(10) establishment of statistic processing system for the regenerative medicine,
(11) clarification of the individual and age differences in the regenerative medicine,
(12) clarification of the relationship between the intraoral microorganisms and tissue regeneration,
(13) elucidation of the effects of lifestyle such as smoking on the oral tissue regeneration,
(14) development of the clinical evaluation methods in the regenerative medicine,
(15) of the education process for the oral tissue regenerative medicine,
(16) and, consideration of the ethical aspects of the regenerative medicine.
These are quoted from the greeting text by Prof. Yoshiyama. With the progress of our Association, further objectives should come out naturally and the continuous hot discussion is expected. In addition, for the development of science it is necessary to standardize common evaluation and test methods. So, let me add another target@here;
(17) Proposal and establishment of standards in the regenerative medicine.

President greeting at the establishment (Prof. M. Yoshiyama)

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