Contribution to J Oral Tissue Engin.

1.At least one of the authors submitting the paper to "Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering" should be a member of Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry (JARD).

2.Submitted manuscripts should be written in English. They should not be under consideration for publication in any other Journal and must not have been previously published.

3.In the case of authors other than English area, the certificates of the correction depended professionally are required.

4.The original papers will be sent to two or more referees (reviewers). Authors will be asked to revise the manuscripts according to the referee's comments. Acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts will be decided by the editorial board of Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry (JARD).

5.Copyright of papers accepted for publication will be property of Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry (JARD). Direct quotations, tables and illustrations in the published paper should be accompanied by written permission for their use from the copyright owners.

6.The manuscripts should be typed, single spaced, on good quality white paper of A4 size (297 mm x 210 mm) and on one side only with a MS-word for windows. Number all pages consecutively at the middle of the bottom margin. Simultaneously, a manuscript needs to be sent by the attachment file of E-mail ( Resending will be required of operation systems other than Windows. The use of those other than an ASCII code can seldom be recommended. All clear photographs should be mailed. They should also attach a JPG file. If you are technically possible, the PDF file of attachment is also desirable.

7.Tables should be numbered according to their order in the text. Each table should be typed on a separate sheet and should be understandable without referring to the text.

8.As a unit system, the international system of units (SI), MKS-system and CGS system are acceptable, whereas the yard-pound system is not permitted.

9.At the author's proof-reading, the insertion or elimination of sentences for revision purposes can not be permitted; only the correction of errors is allowed.
10.Category of the manuscript, title, full names of the authors, institutions, address, running title (no more than 40 letters in capital including spaces), key words (3-5 words) and numbers of reprints needed should be written on the first page.
Manuscripts should include the following items:
SYNOPSIS (100-150 words)
CONCLUSION (if included)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS (if applicable)

11.Proprietary names of commercial products should be expressed in parentheses by their brand names, model, company, city and states or country.

12.The references should be grouped in a section at the end of the text in numerical order as they appear in the text and should take the following the Vancouver form:

For journals
Authors' surname together with their initials: full title of the article, the abbreviated name of the journal (as shown in Index Medicus), volume (number): inclusive page numbers, year.
1)Ouhayoun JP, Gosselin F. Cytokeratin patterns of human oral epithelia: differences in cytokeratin synthesis in gingival epithelium and the adjacent alveolar mucosa. Differentiation 1985;30:123-129.

2)Hata K, Kagami H, Ueda M, Torii S, Matsuyama M. The characteristics of cultured mucosal cell sheet as a material for grafting; comparison with cultured epidermal cell sheet. Ann Plast Surg 1995;34:530-538.

For books
1)Andres KH, von During M.:Morphology of cutaneous receptors. In handbook of sensory physiology. Somatosensory system, ed.lggo, A., Vol.II, p.3-28, Springer-Veriag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 1972.

2)Hannam AG:The innervation of the periodontal ligament. In the periodontal ligament in health and disease, (ed by) Berlovittz BKB, Moxham BJ, Matthews B, p.173-196, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1982.

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Contribution cost (J Oral Tissue Engin)

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Dept. of Biomaterials, Osaka Dental Univ.
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