The 18th Annual Meeting will be held online due to the influence of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
To register for participation, please email the following by noon on November 27th (Friday, JST).
Dr. Mastuno ; e-mail: matsunot *** (Please convert *** to @)
The 18th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry Program(pdf:113KB)

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This society was born to 2003 in Japan. We were very small voluntary associations in the beginning. This society is registered into Science Council of Japan as a scientific organization. However, the membership is over 1,000 people now. The members of this society are dentists, the doctors of each subject, the able staff, university education persons eager for research, the researchers of an advanced company, all public research organizations' researcher, etc. The overseas members who live in addition to Japan are also increasing in number. In an overseas residents member, at this society, expense does not become precocious in necessity. Now, the total of an overseas member's fee is assisted with this society. A cost price is received when carrying out sending hope of the journal. However, 5 times of the journals per year can see all the contents of the paper contained from the Internet on real time for free. Moreover, we are doing gratis donation in an overseas famous library and an overseas media center. If you register and excel in a member, we will welcome. Moreover, when you wish gratis donation of two journals of ours in an overseas library, please contact me.(It is the order of arrival)
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"Journal of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry"
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Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering
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Journal of the Japanese Association of Regenerative Dentistry
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